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NBA 2K16

She continues to lead us, year after year, to realistic basketball experience. But beyond their teams, the next generation graphics and abundance of modes, this year’s celebrity basketball Simulator is notable for something else: a new career mode. This is what we waited for? This experience you find (function () {(“View-trend-page-Desktop”);});
While other costs of steam aimed at improving their graphics and the game, 2K16изданието continues: reformulating my career mode.
In recent years iterations you start getting the project and to get the work hired by a team, but this year 2 K sport has much further, put you in the shoes of a student, just started spotted by the universities and the project is KL Spike to be noticed and became a legend.
Now I think I should play a full year of basketball within the NNNB (maybe next), but you at least have the opportunity to summarize it in four games with appropriate relevant rules.
2 K Sport not only to make this aspect more professional, but also wanted to follow the player in their daily lives. A welcome surprise, if career mode is directed by Spike Lee, you will find yourself thrown into an astonishing series of events.
You start out as the son of a poor Afro-American family of a van with a twin sister who’ll teach you basketball. You will also encounter an abundance of cinematic scenes from your parents who talk about a good boy, of course, not to mention how much you’ve sacrificed. Themes, which if you play the game scans your face or choose another ethnicity, you will probably encounter very strange. You always rewave as a coincidence of genetics, but it can easily cause discomfort.
Despite these hiccups, my career continues to be a good diet with fresh ideas, even if it would be nice to be able to communicate with the stories. You will have the opportunity to make important professional decisions in the course of your history all at least. As a plus, you also get the experience of the camels of real players who offer you their help during your adventure. How you would like to be your mentor Steven Curry?
Although my new career mode is a great base for Тт2k16, be assured that 2 K games have not rested on their laurels for other modes. You will also find my team similar to the FIFA Ultimate team of 16, but for basketball. And, of course, you only play regular match-ups just for fun or experimenting with the multitude of online modes.
As for the teams, you will not only get all the usual teams from the actual retreat, but also you have 12 classic teams, such as the Dallas storms of 2003 and the Portland Trail Blejsaka of 2000 as a bonus. Proponents of European basketball is also not left you will see the same 25 teams of the Euroleague, which is already in Н2k15.

Flawless yet again
2 K Sport still something 2 K and in this version we find two new and interesting changes. On the other hand, “strong” protection and the ability to deal with the attack with the same knot, making both techniques much more intuitive.
On the other hand, if you have one of the buttons constantly, you will see a basketball symbol showing the possible gaps and movements of certain players (assigned by a button). It makes it so much easier for the player toVisualize possible downloads of impressive collaboration.
We will miss if we do not speak the Grafischeaspecten of 2 K Sports wearing it again, offering detailed courts and incredible facial animations to players who might be the most realistic we saw in sports games. Although we want to mention that this is more noteworthy on the Xbox 720 and PS4; This year they left the ball a bit with their computer “Port”. Opbrengsvan this season
He is definitely accusing followers of the simulated basketball shows. His rich choice of modes, realism and nod in the past makes him a very nice title.

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