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Screenshot Captor

The screenshot of captor is a small resource, very flexible screenshot app captor allows you to capture images in different ways, from the active window to the fixed size zone and also to objects, scrolling windows (ideal for capturing websites from top to bottom) and even the size Workspace, which means that if you have multiple monitors, a screenshot of the chapter All (the feature () {(‘ Review App page-Desktop ‘));}); But the best is still coming: Screenshot captor contains an excellent set of filters and special effects for your Screenshots: frames, edges, shadows, blur and more. We tried them all and were very happy with the results, although the program broader repeal of data can also have some really good tools to make a captor screenshot, such as the ability to automatically take thumbnail images to create images or zoom that can Rise to 999% higher. You can actually see every single pixel in the picture! The APP also has a wide range of taskbar options and a really nice mini-interface after the screenshot, both of which do work well with capturrial may seem overwhelming, but it gives you a chance it’s really worth it!-see dozens Screencast video footage showing this program shows dozens of screencast of video films showing this program

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